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School classes visits

School classes can come to the library to visit. One these visits the class learns how to handle books, how to access information from books, including using contents pages, indexes, glossaries etc. Also how to use a multi volume encyclopaedia.

Reading Groups

Eastleigh library has a reading group , who meet to talk about and read books. We hope to encourage the children to write their own stories and illustrate them.

Drama Groups

Mathare North library has a drama group, who meet at least twice a week. The children involved all sit and talk about what is important to them with a member of MYSA staff George Nange. George then converts their ideas into a poem or drama which the children act out. Eastleigh library also has a very active drama group - also assisted by George Nange-. We hope to have a drama group in each library.


Storytelling occurs in all libraries. Stories are read during class visits. Also at Kayole library there is a regular, Saturday morning storytime for everyone. Kayole also is lucky to have a 'Muzee' of 82 years old, who tells traditional Kenyan stories - in Kikuyu! The library staff translate into Kiswahili, and the children draw pictures of the story.

Homework club

Mathare North library has a homework club, where on certain days a member of staff will help advise on different school subjects.

Library Meetings

Every month all staff from all of the libraries come together to report on their activities for that month. These meetings also include guest speakers. In February we had a speaker from the Kenya Breast Health programme. We discussed how the libraries could help inform the communities about breast health. We hope to have staff from Kenya Polytechnic, from City Council etc in the future.