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Questions and Answers with Anne Moore


Q: Why did you choose to work with MYSA?
A: I chose MYSA because they have the best attitude to work and are great to work with. Giving youth a sporting chance. But I do not just work with MYSA!!!

Q: When did you start working with libraries?
A: I actually started working in the UK, in the 1980's.

Q: What are your qualifications?
A: My qualifications are the Bachelor of Arts Honours, (B.A. HONS) -from Newcastle Upon Tyne-, Member of Chartered Institute of Libraries and Information Professionals (MCLIP).

Q: Where were you raised?
A: I was brought up in Windermere, in the Lake District, in the North West of England. When I was at school a participated in a lot of musical activities :- I played the double bass for Westmorland Youth Orchestra and for Cumbria Youth Orchestra and sang in several choirs. My music teacher - Mr. Reg Griffiths - helped me a lot.

Q: What are your past experiences?
A: My first professional job was at Beamish Open Air museum! I was only there for a short while before moving to work in Newcastle upon Tyne Education Library, creating libraries in primary schools. After one year there I moved South to Hertfordshire Librarian Services, where I was Children's Librarian at Herford Public Library for 3 years.
I then worked in The London Barbican Centre as children's librarian for the City of London for another 3 years.
I then left the library to have 2 children. I did do some part time library work in Stevenage Central library - and filling shelves at the local Supermarket!
I then worked in Cambrigeshire where I organised the children’s sections of 12 libraries - including children's stock on 2 mobile libraries. I was there for only one year.
In 1994 I went to Papua New Guinea with my husband. And did voluntary work with PNG National Library Service. Returned to the U.K. in 1998. Then came to Kenya. And I'm living with family.


Q: What did you do in PNG?
A: We created folding bookcases. sponsored by coorporate companies to send out to schools etc all over PNG.
The books were subsidised by The World Bank.The folding bookcases
were made by a local youth
development project. Transport was
provided all over the country by
various companies who were shipping
other goods at the same time - E.G.
Toyota - Ela Motors-, Ramu Sugar, Shell, South Pacific Breweries etc.
All money was handled by Price Waterhouse Coopers, who gave their services for free

Q: Do you have any honours from the remarkable work you have done?
A: I received an MBE in the New
Year's Honours list 2004 from the British Government for 'Services
to Children and libraries in deprived
areas of Papua New Guinea and Kenya'.