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Eastleigh library


Basic Information

The Eastleigh Library opened in November 2002.
The British Army aided us in creating the library. They also paid for re-wiring, damp proofing, made all the shelving, and provided the carpet. The army staff trained the youth of Eastleigh library in all of these skills.
When the library building was ready we added the library book stock. This was donated by the British Royal Airforce.
4 members of MYSA staff were trained in library classification, colourcoding, A- Z, and cataloguing.
The staff were later trained in storytelling using books - where English is a second language.


Membership, Staffing and Stock-

We have one staff member at Eastleigh library, who is paid, Other volunteers come and go. This is causing real problems now (November 2007)
. We currently have a membership of 5,340

. We have managed to encourage many more members of the Islamic community into the library.


Our stock is 4,952
We have 26 primary schools, 19 Secondary schools, and 11 Institutes of Higher Education currently using the library

We are trying to acquire more books in Arabic for the library's Somali population.

Henry Xavier (late) and George (Joshe)


-The library is housed in a rented building. Unfortunately the landlord doesn't maintain the building and also increases the rent on a regular basis. -We have had raw sewerage flowing through the building twice in two years. The building is riddled with damp, has very little natural lighting, and no flow of air to prevent damp.
-We need to find land which we can build a purpose built library and will support the population. -We have found land in the Eastleigh , but the costs within this area are extremely high:- over 4 million Kenyan Shillings for land alone. The building we need can be built in two stages;- the first floor being the children's library, office, and activities room. The second floor - which can be added at a later date as finances allow- comprising the adults library, a quiet reading/ seminar room, and a computers area. Each floor currently will cost 5million Kenyan shillings to build.
-Initially the library staff often did not turn up for work but since we started pay they began to come. We need donor help to support this as well.

November 2007


- mishandling and mis-shelving of stock by users

- Members not being able to use the catalogue cards properly

- Lack of enough space due to the large number of children using the library - particularly during class visits by schools.

- Loss of some books

-Members are asking for internet access, which we do not have

- Lack of reading space

- stock gaps- for example African materials

- Power shortages

- Insufficient water supply

- Sewerage blockage in the office


Increase in number of users

Increase in Muslim members- both children and adults

Positive impact on the community from community members, head techers and parents

Trained over 200 children in computer skills to date.


Visitors- November 2007

We had visitors from Norway, Germany and at the same time Czech Republic as well as Canada and USA, they all gave positive remarks concerning the initiative and some gave some books to the library


Library Clubs and activities

-Reading Club:-UPDATED!

The creative writing kids have been meeting on Saturdays and have been involving themselves in story telling and at the same time creative writing. They have also been trained on basic computer skills and are all able to use the computers type and save their work without difficulties.
They will be working on writing of poems and coral verses as from next month.

Story telling sessions appear to interest many children coming to the library as they enjoy listening and telling of stories. This month we encouraged the kids to tell stories in Kiswahili which was so interesting.

UPDATED! -BookLending Programme:- This month, the number of users borrowing books have increased as students introduce their friends to the library.
The lending services will continue until the mid of November when the students will be closing their schools.
We have not yet been facing challenges on book getting lost though large number of books needs to be repaired.


Lending to Schools UPDATED!

This month, we did not have a chance to lend books to schools due to the increase in number of users lending books.

Drama group

The drama group and music groups are currently not running as we are training up the book- reading club in acting and singing.

Art club UPDATED!

· The art club kids are doing fine and that they are getting lots of support from the seniors and have been engaging themselves actively on painting and drawing mostly on Saturdays. Most of them have joined the haba Na haba art club and will be working with the other kids to nurture their talents.


Computer club.UPDATED!

This month (October), we have seen many children getting skills on computer usage, they enjoy using the computers. This month over 100 children were trained on basic computer skills by other club leaders.


-The library staff visits local schools to tell about the library and tell stories.

We have also recently followed Mathare North and started subject catagorisation of the adults fiction. We now have a romance collection which is VERY popular! 'Thrillers' section was introduced in July, and is proving popular!! Horror, fantasy sections will follow we hope if we can find catagory labels.

School class visits

This month, we have managed to work with six schools all primary schools. They have been visiting the library on the weekdays and have benefited a lot form the free resources and services rendered to them. The students upon coming to the library are shown on how to handle the books, open the pages, pick the books from the shelves and also returning them to their respective shelves and also the basic computer skills. With less supervision, the students enjoy every single moment in the library.



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