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Maile Saba Community Library MYSA


Basic Information

Opening 2008!!!

May 08.Maile Saba Centre is another MYSA initiative, located between Dandora and Kumerok areas in Mathare slum.

The books were collected and delivered in April, and they are currently being stamped ready to go on the shelves!


The Building

Consists of 5 rooms, one of which will be used as a MYSA office. MYSA has removed some of the walls between the rooms, enabling greater space for shelving and movement in the libraries! When this work is finished the carpet will go down, and then the shelving go in! THEN we can start to process the books.


Staff from Maile Saba have been attending our KidsLibs monthly staff meetings for the last several months!













Anne, Oct 2005 MVH,Sept 2005